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How are farmers in Israel coping under the extended COVID-19 lockdown? - Colin Lotzof (August 2020)

The small country of Israel has an advanced agriculture sector, including the innovative practice of milking cows up to five times a day and maintaining the herd under cover.

However during a second wave of COVID-19, this country has needed to be more adaptable than ever.

In this “Landline to the World” interview, ABC Landline senior reporter Prue Adams uses the epitome of ‘global social distancing technology’ - a personal computer linkage, to talk with Israel agricultural consultant Colin Lotzof about the effect of a second wave of COVID-19 in that country.

Click here to view Prue Adams' ABC Landline interview with Colin Lotzof

How are farmers in Sweden coping under the extended COVID-19 lockdown? - Lena Johansson (August 2020)

Sweden has approached the COVID-19 pandemic differently from other countries - but it's got one of the highest per capita casualty rates in the world.

How is agriculture coping under the strain?  In this latest episode of "Landline to the World", Prue Adams finds out.

Current President of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists, Lena Johansson lives in Sweden and provides a valuable insight on how the COVID-19 situation is impacting the agricultural sector in that country.

Click here to view Prue Adams' ABC Landline interview with Lena Johansson

RMSA's NFF President Fiona Simson webinar successful (July 2020)

Rural Media South Australia's first attempt at hosting an online Webinar meeting was successfully accomplished, attracting thirty three participants.

Moderated online by RMSA President, Leigh Radford OAM who was physically located in Adelaide SA, the webinar featured President of the National Farmers Federation, Fiona Simson located in Armidale NSW.

NFF President, Fiona Simson

RMSA President & online webinar moderator, Leigh Radford OAM



How are farmers in Argentina coping under the extended COVID-19 lockdown? - Addy Rossi (June 2020)

The farmers of Argentina could supply the world with hand sanitiser... but they're struggling to cope with one of the longest COVID-19 lockdowns in the world.

As part of the "Landline to the World" series of online interviews examining the effect of COVID-19 across the globe, Argentinian agricultural journalist Addy Rossi speaks with Australian based ABC Television Landline reporter Prue Adams about the situation in Argentina.

Click here to view Prue Adams' ABC Landline interview with Addy Rossi


Effect of COVID-19 on agriculture in the UK - Jane Craigie (May 2020)

With COVID-19 causing a major health crisis in the United Kingdom, labour and supply chains are being severely disrupted.  The question on everyone's minds is, "how will farmers in the UK cope?"

Using some quite basic laptop communications technology located at both ends of the globe, agricultural communicator Jane Craigie in Scotland speaks with Australian based ABC Television Landline reporter Prue Adams about the situation in the UK.

Click here to view Prue Adams' ABC Landline interview with Jane Craigie


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