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RMSA's NFF President Fiona Simson webinar successful (July 2020)

Rural Media South Australia's first attempt at hosting an online Webinar meeting was successfully accomplished, attracting thirty three participants.

Moderated online by RMSA President, Leigh Radford OAM who was physically located in Adelaide SA, the webinar featured President of the National Farmers Federation, Fiona Simson located in Armidale NSW.

NFF President, Fiona Simson

RMSA President & online webinar moderator, Leigh Radford OAM



How are farmers in Argentina coping under the extended COVID-19 lockdown? - Addy Rossi (June 2020)

The farmers of Argentina could supply the world with hand sanitiser... but they're struggling to cope with one of the longest COVID-19 lockdowns in the world.

As part of the "Landline to the World" series of online interviews examining the effect of COVID-19 across the globe, Argentinian agricultural journalist Addy Rossi speaks with Australian based ABC Television Landline reporter Prue Adams about the situation in Argentina.

Click here to view Prue Adams' ABC Landline interview with Addy Rossi


Effect of COVID-19 on agriculture in the UK - Jane Craigie (May 2020)

With COVID-19 causing a major health crisis in the United Kingdom, labour and supply chains are being severely disrupted.  The question on everyone's minds is, "how will farmers in the UK cope?"

Using some quite basic laptop communications technology located at both ends of the globe, agricultural communicator Jane Craigie in Scotland speaks with Australian based ABC Television Landline reporter Prue Adams about the situation in the UK.

Click here to view Prue Adams' ABC Landline interview with Jane Craigie


Effect of COVID-19 on agriculture in Canada - Justin Williams (May 2020)

With COVID-19 drastically impacting agricultural production and marketing around the world, Canada has not been exempt from the negative effects of the pandemic.

The production of maple syrup may appear to be an unusual agricultural enterprise to many, however in Canada it can be a core enterprise on some farms.  Ontario dairy farmer Justin Williams relies on a second enterprise, maple syrup production to sustain his farm business.

However Mr Williams now finds that COVID-19 has made it hard to sell this iconic Canadian staple.

As part of an insightful series of snapshots examining how COVID-19 is affecting agriculture around the world, Landline reporter Prue Adams talks with Justin Williams about the situation in Canada.

Click here to view Prue Adams' ABC Landline interview with Justin Williams



Effect of COVID-19 on agriculture in the USA - Steve Werblow (May 2020)

COVID-19 has disrupted agriculture around the world.  One of the major international rural powerhouses is the USA and this country is finding the pandemic-influenced broken agricultural product supply chain is not easy to fix.

Oregon based agricultural journalist, Steve Werblow says the USA is currently experiencing an unusual combination of consumers having to pay high prices for agricultural products, while at the same time farmers are placed in a situation of receiving low prices.

As part of a series of snapshots of agriculture around the globe, Steve Werblow explains the upsetting situation in the USA to ABC Landline's Prue Adams. 

Click here to view Prue Adams' ABC Landline interview with Steve Werblow



Upcoming meetings

Rural Media South Australia aims to provide a genuine focus for rural issues, combined with a forum for networking between the highest levels of agribusiness, government, media and rural producers.

Members and guests are encouraged to note the following dates in their diaries:

2020 Meetings

PENDING: September 2020
Function in lieu of 2020 RMSA Royal Adelaide Show Breakfast

Friday 4th December 2020
2020 SA & NT Rural Media Awards
(Luncheon, 12 noon for 12.30 pm)
(Members Banquet Room, Adelaide Showground, Wayville)